Provides a workforce that moderates content in real-time, protecting your site’s reputation while allowing your community the freedom to post and share. They offer faster turnaround and better quality at a lower cost than traditional outsourced moderation.

Key Features

Comment Moderation

Consistent, unbiased moderation. Manage your community’s reputation by providing consistent, unbiased moderation of comments in real-time.

Image Moderation

High-efficiency image moderation. Our image moderators use our high-efficiency review UI to quickly moderate and report images that violate your policies.

Sentiment Analysis

Gain actionable insight with human-based software. Our software, paired with a talented pool of workers, allows quick and accurate assessments of audience sentiment.

Video Moderation

Moderate user-generated videos in real time. Our video moderators watch and moderate your user-generated videos in real time.
Inputs Accepted:
Text, Image, Video
Services Offered:
Developer API, Human Moderators
Threats Detected:
Hate Speech, Sexually Explicit, Child Abuse, Bullying, Profanity, Self-Harm, Illegal Items

You can find out more information at: CrowdSource Content Moderation